How Much Should You Be Paying To Tow Your Car?

At World Wind Conference, we know many peoples cars break down when they are visiting us. We owe it to our loyal supporters to help them save on towing costs.

Each year, there are millions of cars towed and most car owners have had to call for a tow truck at least once. The problem is that most people do not know how much towing their car is going to cost them. There are average prices that you need to know about, but you also need to know about the other factors that will impact the costs.

The Average Costs

When it comes to tow truck costs, there are some averages that you need to know about. Of course, it is important to note that you may be charged more than these average costs. On average, a 5 to 7-mile tow will generally cost between $30 and $100. A 40-mile tow will generally cost around $100 to $250 and a 100-mile tow will cost $250 to $600. These are the basic costs that you could expect, but there are other factors that can increase the costs.

The Type Of Car You Have

Many people do not realize that the type of car they have will impact the costs of towing it. The average sedan will generally be charged the average costs of towing. However, if you have a pickup truck, you could be charged more. This is due to the fact that certain types of vehicles will require specialized tow trucks or equipment. If you car is broken down on HWY 41, call your local auto towing in Appleton.

What Is Wrong With The Car

Another factor that will impact the cost of your Honolulu towing is what is actually wrong with the car. If your car has flat tires, this will make it harder to tow. When a vehicle is harder to tow, a premium will be added to the average costs. If the brakes on your car have locked, you will also be charged more for the towing service. This is due to the fact that this problem will require dollies to move your vehicle or a flatbed tow truck.

Other Issues That Make You Car Hard To Tow

Additional charges will also come if there are other issues that make your car hard to tow or if you have a heavy duty vehicle that may require heavy duty towing. These issues could be a low profile or if you have oversized tires. These vehicles will need special tow trucks which will increase the overall costs.

Flat Rates Or Hourly Rates

Something that you should also consider when looking at the costs of a tow service is the way the rates are charged. Most people will be charged a flat rate for the towing service. Longer distances will increase the flat rate, but you should be able to get this information from the tow service before they come.

Medium and heavy sized vehicles will often be charged an hourly rate for their tow. This is something that you need to consider when you call for a tow service. The farther your vehicle has to go the more it will cost you. Additionally, if you are working on an hourly rate and your vehicle has to be recovered from off the road, the costs will increase.


The world market for wind turbines reached a total capacity of 336 GW and wind contributes today around 4% of the world’s power demand. We see a very fast growth in some emerging markets, especially in several Asian countries, Latin America and Africa, while the traditional wind markets in Europe and North America have slowed down. Despite such disparities, it is today a well-accepted concept that wind energy is a cornerstone of the future energy mix. And it is encouraging to see that more and more countries have set very ambitious targets for renewable energy deployment, some with the official aim of 100% renewables.

Wind blows all over the world freely, crossing all territories. The utilization of wind energy should also break boundaries and deserve multilateral cooperation. Given the fact that we share the same one planet, different countries and organizations need to take efforts to make wind energy resources serve all peoples. For this purpose, it is good to see that in many parts of the world local communities have become the main drivers of wind power investment distributed wind power a practical solution to improve also the life of people in remote areas without electricity.

The forthcoming  World Wind Energy Conference 2015 will focus on wind power innovation for a 100 % renewable energy supply, in harmony with the environment and society. This reflects our intention to further strive for technological, economic, social improvements while making the benefits of wind power available for all human beings.
In cooperation with the Israeli Wind Energy Association, WWEA invites the Wind Power Community from around the world to join us at the WWEC2015! Let us use the WWEC2015 to intensify the friendly and cooperative relationship between all renewable energy organizations worldwide, and work together for mitigation of climate change, solving our energy problems, protecting the environment, and creating a better world.

We look forward to welcoming you to the magical city of Jerusalem!